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Zabeel Park - Run with FRU

I said I'll be running with the guys and gals of Filipino Runners UAE (FRU), and I did. I freakin` did!! (Well, run is an exaggeration. I ran a couple of minutes, then I started walking then I waddled the rest of the way. gaaaah!!!)

It's very intimidating being with people who can really run. As in run fast. And run long. I felt like a poser, a  scam. Every fat of my body screams FAKER!!!! But what the heck. I still joined them and just ignored the voices in my head.

They were actually nice people. Very inspiring and they encouraged me the whole way. I'm just disappointed at myself though. I wanted to do at least two laps but my leg gave in again. Stupid shin splints!

As bad as my performance was, I was still ecstatic! Two people actually said that they read my blog. SOMEBODY. READS. MY. BLOG!!

Sheila's shiins = -10 points.
Sheila's blog = +100 cool points!

I really do have to apologize, I'm bad with names. If you are reading this, please do comment. Please please would really make my day!!

I'll see you on Tuesday guys!! Let's make this happen.

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