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I'm shoutingwind in the online universe and I'm an on and off blogger since 2003.
The very first blog I used is the one integrated with Friendster. Then I made a personal diary on another site which I left hanging because I started using blogger.

MY FOOD BLOG - 7/2005 - 10/2006
My good friend Mindy helped me out with my layout. That's where our friendship started. But that's another  story! My food blog contained photos and recipes of ...well, food that we prepared. I eventually got tired posting in my foodie blog and decided to close it down permanently... because of this:

This is like an online diary for me. It contained rants and raves, life experiences from funny to heart breaking and even celebrity gossip! This is my longest running blog. Then I got tired of blogging. My posts became less and less. I couldn't think of things to post, my creative juices have dried up.

 And then I met....

This is lazy blog. If I feel the need to blog but can't think of something to post... Reblogging rocks!

(But before tumblr, I also made a personal finance blog which is a big flop so I'm not even going to go into details.)

SHOUTINGWIND.COM (aka the beauty blog) - this is my current addiction. Nail polish and make up.

And now, my current project - 35 THINGS.


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