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A couple of weeks ago I was able to score a wonderful deal. 85% off on chiropractic consultation and adjustment. SCORE!!

I have always felt pain on my back, a dull kind of pain. Something tolerable, really. Little did I know that it's becoming worse. Upon initial check, the chiropractor told me that there's a lot going on in my spine. And surprisingly, my left leg is shorter!! whoa! She explained that my muscles compensated for the deformity so it really doesn't show. She convinced me to have a few more sessions with her to make sure everything is in place. (Ok, I could be explaining this the wrong way but that's how I remember it. LOL)

Dr. Neda was very nice and accommodating. She really did a great job in explaining my situation and why I should continue the treatment. After the preliminaries, she told me to lie face down. My back was massaged to "open" me up a bit. Then some electro-something something was placed on my back to stimulate blood flow. After 10 minutes or so, the fun started. She started adjusting my neck and spine!


Definitely going back for another appointment.


  1. I have a Groupon for a massage and a chiro consult. I'm more interested in the massage b/c I've alwasy though chiropractic science was a bit of a fraud. A friend of a friend is a chiropractor and she believe chiropractic work can solve all diseases, even cancer and leprosy. She doesn't immunize her kid and actually started doing adjustments on her baby at 1 month.

    BUT I can't knock something until I've tried it so I'll try to give the chiro consult a serious try so that I can form a better opinion.

  2. I don't know about cancer and leprosy but the adjustment felt really good.
    Bones do move out of place sometimes and muscles get tied in knots. So if moving it back in place is the answer, then I'd go for it.
    You should really try. But I won't go to a chiropractor if I have something more serious.


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