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I'd love to run with him. (drool)


I know it looks like I've abandoned this blog by not posting for more than a month. I haven't. I still intend to do my list  ... but maybe a little different from what I originally wrote.

You see, things took quite a turn and I am being steered to a different direction. It's not bad actually, just "unplanned". Not updating here really makes me feel bad and guilty but I have a good reason for it. Something that I'm not yet ready to announce. I will eventually but for now, let me make some changes and hopefully I would be able to actually achieve my goals.

My 35 Things

1. Skydiving -- so near, yet so far. I might not be able to do this in the next few years. Maybe in my 40 before 40 list?
2. Bungee jumping -- not in the near future.
3. Scuba Dive in Palau -- I checked with my bestfriend and she's actually in the Philippines right now, not in Palau. So, I will have to move this when she goes back.
4. Conquer Mt. Pulag -- As much as I want to to do this when I go home in August, I physically won't be able to.
5. Pyramids, Pharaohs and Luxor aka Visit Egypt -- Well, considering the situation in the Middle East right now, I don't think traveling there would be a good idea.
6. Go to France -- I think I'll skip the traveling altogether.
7. Visit 3 Continents
8. Achieve my ideal weight -- I still intend to do this but I won't be concentrating on the losing weight part for now.
9. Run a marathon -- Will try to do this before 35.
10. Have an emergency fund. -- in progress.
11. Learn Pole Dancing -- I do want to learn but there's no way I'd be able to find a pole dancing school in Dubai. I feel so stupid for putting this in the first place. doh!
12. Learn Another Language -- in progress. I decided on French.
13. Wakeboarding -- maybe early next year.
14. Learn to play an instrument -- according to my brother, a guitar is waiting for me at home. YAY!!
15. Have a portrait of myself. -- Ahhh, I will do this definitely.
16. Try a proper Moroccan Bath -- planned.
17. Attend a concert -- still looking for a concert that I'm interested in.
18. Visit places mentioned in the Da Vinci Code -- someday.
19. See the Stonehenge -- someday.
20. Try Indoor Skiing -- maybe early next year.
21. Take the day off on my birthday. -- will happen on 2012!
22. Movie Marathon: Lord of the Rings
23. Donate Blood -- soon
24. Get a Tattoo -- undecided ... I want to but something is stopping me. You'll know soon.
25. Have a family reunion (parents & siblings) -- definitely happening!
26. Watch 1o Best Movies Ever Made -- only 4 movies left.
27. Defeat King Koopa!! -- I honestly stopped playing. I'm stuck at level 8 with hundred lives!
28. Hot Air Balloon Ride -- I'll have to arrange for this soon before summer hits big time.
29. Earn Extra $$ -- hope to continue having extra income streams.
30. Make our family tree -- finally done!
31. Try Ice Skating -- maybe early next year.
32. Have an "Indoor" [Herb] Garden -- happening soon. Maybe start with a tomato.
33. Do Volunteer Work -- still looking for a cause to join.
34. Wear a wig and false lashes -- I got myself falsies and failed at putting them on ... twice! I still need to buy a proper wig.

As you can see, traveling and serious activities might be put on hold. It's because of my current condition. I will be having regular check ups and my blood sugar and pressure will have to be monitored. I just want to be healthy so I can live life to the fullest!

Because a lot of stuff might not happen, I'll post a revised list soon. Promise.


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