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A couple of weeks ago I was able to score a wonderful deal. 85% off on chiropractic consultation and adjustment. SCORE!!

I have always felt pain on my back, a dull kind of pain. Something tolerable, really. Little did I know that it's becoming worse. Upon initial check, the chiropractor told me that there's a lot going on in my spine. And surprisingly, my left leg is shorter!! whoa! She explained that my muscles compensated for the deformity so it really doesn't show. She convinced me to have a few more sessions with her to make sure everything is in place. (Ok, I could be explaining this the wrong way but that's how I remember it. LOL)

Dr. Neda was very nice and accommodating. She really did a great job in explaining my situation and why I should continue the treatment. After the preliminaries, she told me to lie face down. My back was massaged to "open" me up a bit. Then some electro-something something was placed on my back to stimulate blood flow. After 10 minutes or so, the fun started. She started adjusting my neck and spine!


Definitely going back for another appointment.

New Shoes

My Asics Nimbus Gel 10 is just a few months old right? But I got convinced that somehow the shoes are to blame for my sore shins and blistered foot. (I mean getting blisters every time? That's a dead giveaway right?)

So with closed eyes and a screaming wallet, I bought a new pair. This time I went with Saucony. The attendants at Saucony - Dubai Mall were so much better than the Asics girls. Benjamin (sales attendant and a marathoner --- what better combination could there be??), helped me pick the right shoes for me.

He asked me to step on a board to check the arch of my feet. Then he asked me about my weight. He explained the importance of factoring in these things when buying shoes, especially for running. He told me that I should get Saucony Pro Grid Hurricane.

Apparently I have man-feet! Women's sizes don't fit me well so I got the one designed for men. Oh well.


Weigh Day Feb 1

It's weigh day and I'm not very happy about it.

No more Hello Kitty socks
It's the same numbers as my last weigh day. I can't say it didn't move because it did. It moved up. It moved down. But it moved up more. (Maybe I have to make sure that my body understands my's to lose the move down...not up!!) I'm over 6.8 lbs from my supposed target weight today (212.4 lbs).

No excuses.

Today is another day.

On other "list" related news, I finished watching "Gone with the Wind"  last night. All four hours of it.


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