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My birthday has come and gone. My deadline past. Did I finish my list? .. no. Was I happy about it? ... of course not. I would have finished them off if I could but again, I have a very important person in my life right now that no list can trump.

Out of 35 things, I was able to cross out at least 7 items. Even though I've hit the 3 - 5 mark, I'll still try and finish my list and probably add some more to it. But I will probably write updates on my main blog since I no longer have a specific deadline.

Thank you universe for giving me the gift of life, I will enjoy it to the fullest!

#21. Fire a Gun

Actually, #21 is "Get a Tattoo". But since I'm breastfeeding my little one, I decided to tweak the list (again!).

#21 - Fire A Gun - happened on November 30.
Together with my "brothers", we went to a firing range somewhere in Makati.

I (think I) got a .44 cal.
50 rounds.
It was my first. I was clueless. Luckily I have somebody there to guide me through.
Alfred showed me how to hold the gun, aim the gun, what NOT to do with the gun and how to actually fire the gun.

safety first. don't put your finger on the trigger unless you're ready to fire. 

It was a fun experience. I totally made a fool of myself. LOL!
I kept forgetting what to do and what NOT to do. Thank God I did not absentmindedly point the gun at anyone.

I felt great. It felt like I was in the same league as Lara Croft. Only when Lara Croft fires a gun, the empty casing doesn't hit her on the forehead. And I bet she doesn't close her eyes every time she pulls the trigger. LOL!

Too bad we had so little time. And my baby started crying like hell outside (far from the firing range, somebody had to come inside and tell me my baby is inconsolable). Of course I had to stop. Mommy duties comes first.

I would love to do this again.

Back on Track

It has been six months. Normally, I would say that it has been too long. That I miss blogging and I am moving forward with my list. But six months flew by and I did not miss anything at all.

I was busy with something else... actually, I was busy with SOMEONE.

Where was I? 
I was around. I just didn't update this blog.

What about my lose weight/run a marathon goal?
I can now say that I am ready to lose weight again. The reason why I stopped running / training is because a few days after this post, I found out I was pregnant. This is the main reason why I had to tweak my list in the first place.

What about my other goals?
Honestly, I didn't have time to do any of the things I listed down. I was busy being pregnant. I gained a lot of weight and then I had to go on a diet because my blood sugar was out of whack. There were cravings and mood swings. On top of that, I still had to work and deal with "certain" people.

Why start now? Isn't it too early?
Well, I'll be turning 35 soon and it would be a shame if I didn't finish at least half of my list. I gave birth almost a month ago and right now I'm losing those kg's like crazy. I'm not even doing any exercises since I had a c-section delivery. I blame it on the sleepless nights.

All I have to do right now is stay focused and when I've lost most of the weight, I'll be able to start running again (with my doctor's blessings of course).

Will I be able to finish my 35 list?
I really don't know. I'm taking it one day at a time. I realized that the true reason why I created this list was because I felt that my life is not going anywhere. That I have no clear path, no direction. I needed a list to keep me focused.

But now, I have a reason for living. I have a little one that depends on me.  A  life that I am responsible for.
My number one goal right now is to get this right. That I don't screw up on being a mom.


I know it looks like I've abandoned this blog by not posting for more than a month. I haven't. I still intend to do my list  ... but maybe a little different from what I originally wrote.

You see, things took quite a turn and I am being steered to a different direction. It's not bad actually, just "unplanned". Not updating here really makes me feel bad and guilty but I have a good reason for it. Something that I'm not yet ready to announce. I will eventually but for now, let me make some changes and hopefully I would be able to actually achieve my goals.

My 35 Things

1. Skydiving -- so near, yet so far. I might not be able to do this in the next few years. Maybe in my 40 before 40 list?
2. Bungee jumping -- not in the near future.
3. Scuba Dive in Palau -- I checked with my bestfriend and she's actually in the Philippines right now, not in Palau. So, I will have to move this when she goes back.
4. Conquer Mt. Pulag -- As much as I want to to do this when I go home in August, I physically won't be able to.
5. Pyramids, Pharaohs and Luxor aka Visit Egypt -- Well, considering the situation in the Middle East right now, I don't think traveling there would be a good idea.
6. Go to France -- I think I'll skip the traveling altogether.
7. Visit 3 Continents
8. Achieve my ideal weight -- I still intend to do this but I won't be concentrating on the losing weight part for now.
9. Run a marathon -- Will try to do this before 35.
10. Have an emergency fund. -- in progress.
11. Learn Pole Dancing -- I do want to learn but there's no way I'd be able to find a pole dancing school in Dubai. I feel so stupid for putting this in the first place. doh!
12. Learn Another Language -- in progress. I decided on French.
13. Wakeboarding -- maybe early next year.
14. Learn to play an instrument -- according to my brother, a guitar is waiting for me at home. YAY!!
15. Have a portrait of myself. -- Ahhh, I will do this definitely.
16. Try a proper Moroccan Bath -- planned.
17. Attend a concert -- still looking for a concert that I'm interested in.
18. Visit places mentioned in the Da Vinci Code -- someday.
19. See the Stonehenge -- someday.
20. Try Indoor Skiing -- maybe early next year.
21. Take the day off on my birthday. -- will happen on 2012!
22. Movie Marathon: Lord of the Rings
23. Donate Blood -- soon
24. Get a Tattoo -- undecided ... I want to but something is stopping me. You'll know soon.
25. Have a family reunion (parents & siblings) -- definitely happening!
26. Watch 1o Best Movies Ever Made -- only 4 movies left.
27. Defeat King Koopa!! -- I honestly stopped playing. I'm stuck at level 8 with hundred lives!
28. Hot Air Balloon Ride -- I'll have to arrange for this soon before summer hits big time.
29. Earn Extra $$ -- hope to continue having extra income streams.
30. Make our family tree -- finally done!
31. Try Ice Skating -- maybe early next year.
32. Have an "Indoor" [Herb] Garden -- happening soon. Maybe start with a tomato.
33. Do Volunteer Work -- still looking for a cause to join.
34. Wear a wig and false lashes -- I got myself falsies and failed at putting them on ... twice! I still need to buy a proper wig.

As you can see, traveling and serious activities might be put on hold. It's because of my current condition. I will be having regular check ups and my blood sugar and pressure will have to be monitored. I just want to be healthy so I can live life to the fullest!

Because a lot of stuff might not happen, I'll post a revised list soon. Promise.


A couple of weeks ago I was able to score a wonderful deal. 85% off on chiropractic consultation and adjustment. SCORE!!

I have always felt pain on my back, a dull kind of pain. Something tolerable, really. Little did I know that it's becoming worse. Upon initial check, the chiropractor told me that there's a lot going on in my spine. And surprisingly, my left leg is shorter!! whoa! She explained that my muscles compensated for the deformity so it really doesn't show. She convinced me to have a few more sessions with her to make sure everything is in place. (Ok, I could be explaining this the wrong way but that's how I remember it. LOL)

Dr. Neda was very nice and accommodating. She really did a great job in explaining my situation and why I should continue the treatment. After the preliminaries, she told me to lie face down. My back was massaged to "open" me up a bit. Then some electro-something something was placed on my back to stimulate blood flow. After 10 minutes or so, the fun started. She started adjusting my neck and spine!


Definitely going back for another appointment.

New Shoes

My Asics Nimbus Gel 10 is just a few months old right? But I got convinced that somehow the shoes are to blame for my sore shins and blistered foot. (I mean getting blisters every time? That's a dead giveaway right?)

So with closed eyes and a screaming wallet, I bought a new pair. This time I went with Saucony. The attendants at Saucony - Dubai Mall were so much better than the Asics girls. Benjamin (sales attendant and a marathoner --- what better combination could there be??), helped me pick the right shoes for me.

He asked me to step on a board to check the arch of my feet. Then he asked me about my weight. He explained the importance of factoring in these things when buying shoes, especially for running. He told me that I should get Saucony Pro Grid Hurricane.

Apparently I have man-feet! Women's sizes don't fit me well so I got the one designed for men. Oh well.



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