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Zabeel Park - Run with FRU

I said I'll be running with the guys and gals of Filipino Runners UAE (FRU), and I did. I freakin` did!! (Well, run is an exaggeration. I ran a couple of minutes, then I started walking then I waddled the rest of the way. gaaaah!!!)

It's very intimidating being with people who can really run. As in run fast. And run long. I felt like a poser, a  scam. Every fat of my body screams FAKER!!!! But what the heck. I still joined them and just ignored the voices in my head.

They were actually nice people. Very inspiring and they encouraged me the whole way. I'm just disappointed at myself though. I wanted to do at least two laps but my leg gave in again. Stupid shin splints!

As bad as my performance was, I was still ecstatic! Two people actually said that they read my blog. SOMEBODY. READS. MY. BLOG!!

Sheila's shiins = -10 points.
Sheila's blog = +100 cool points!

I really do have to apologize, I'm bad with names. If you are reading this, please do comment. Please please would really make my day!!

I'll see you on Tuesday guys!! Let's make this happen.

Dubai Marathon 2011 - Pictures

Warning: picture heavy.
These are random pictures taken during the Dubai Marathon (and some are from our annual "office get together") If you are in these photos and you'd like to be edited out, please send me an email.

Money collected for "Takbo para kay Kabayan" Fund Raiser

Representatives of Filipino Runners UAE

I'll be training with these two guys starting tomorrow (I'll be the person trailing behind, panting and wishing I was dead). I know it will be hard keeping up but weigh day is just a few days away so I have to suck it up and just go for it.


After eating mashed potato, potato soup, salad, calamares, beef stroganoff, fish and chips, lots of iced tea, and a slice of chocolate cake ... I still lost almost a pound today! Un - freaking - believable!!

I'm not complaining... this is me being happy! Really happy! (and just so we are clear, I didn't eat all alone...I had a nice dinner with 2 friends and we shared the meal)

*happy dance*

this clown really does long distance running and makes it fun too!

3 days after the Dubai Marathon...

... will upload photos soon.

In keeping with my mini goal, here's my breakfast:

Raisin Oatmeal. I skipped the milk.

I got a neat hack too! Instead of buying those pre packed flavored oatmeals, I repackaged them! It would look like this:

Photo courtesy of The Simple Dollar

Check out the recipe/procedure at The Simple Dollar. Good for the tummy, good for the wallet!!

I'm seriously doing something wrong...

*this is going to be a bullet point post...*

  • I have been yoyo-ing on the scale front. =(
  • Seriously, who can resist rice? (obviously not me...)
  • I need to change my eating habits, seriously!
  • Dubai Marathon is tomorrow!! (will be watching and cheering on the sidelines)
  • Currently reading : The 4 Hour Body - Tim Ferris. (will probably do a review later)
  • I was able to score a chiropractic treatment at 80% off! GoNabit FTW!!
  • Money in, money out -- will be paying off some loans today. 
Mini fitness goal: photograph foods I eat. 

Edited to add: I'm crossing off # 30 - Make our Family Tree. I have completed my immediate family and included a whole lot of relatives in the process.  3 down, 32 more to go!!

Weigh Day

It's weigh day today. I'm happy to report that I lost some weight since the first weigh in. Actually, I lost more than this. I knew I'd regret having nachos and dip yesterday. nachos, dip, popcorn and soda. Arrgh! I should resist cinema food.

yes, another hello kitty sock. I have 3 of those, don't judge =D

Second weigh in at 219.4.

On a related note, I chanced upon a post  about The Line Diet. You basically plot your current weight vs. your goal weight and draw a straight line across. Then you weigh yourself everyday, if your weight for the day is below the line, you eat whatever you want. If it's above the line, you have to eat low calorie food for the day and hope that tomorrow you weigh less. (If you find my explanation a bit confusing, please read all about it here.)

Now, I'm getting different opinions on weighing yourself everyday. Some people would prefer to set a specific weigh day and not be obsessed with the scales. For others, weighing everyday works. Right now I'm trying this Line Diet, it somehow makes sense.

What about you? What are your thoughts on weighing?

[If you would like to try the Line Diet, you may download the excel file via Daily Dose of Excel or use the online version]

Dubai Marathon 2011

I've been putting off posting this but since the Dubai Marathon is just a few days away, I think it's just appropriate to address the issue (HAHAH!! I sound so ... dramatic!)

Well, I knew since a few months back that I won't be able to run this marathon (bad back, low endurance, leg pain that never goes away! etc...) I have resigned to the fact that the marathon will have to be pushed to a later date. Besides, I still have to train properly and slowly build my way through. I should run a 5K, a 10K, a half ...then a full marathon.  Right??

However, all is not lost. I will be watching the marathon on the 21st of January to have a feel of what its like. And to support my colleague who is running for a cause.

The Filipino Runners in Dubai has organized a very wonderful project to help our less fortunate "kabayans" in the UAE. The goal is to raise AED 35,000/- to help our fellow OFW's. For more information, you may check the following sites:

The fifth guy on the photo above is my co-worker. He's going to run the full marathon and he's quite excited about it. We will be there cheering him on. And hopefully next year I will be there running with him.

#12 Learn Another Language

My friend, Lyn, was able to score an Italian phrase book with audio tutorial. It made me realize I haven't done anything with regards to the #12 in my list.

Which would be better?
Spanish ... a lot of Spanish words are already incorporated in Tagalog/Filipino. This wouldn't be hard (I think) but it would still be cool to learn how to converse in proper Spanish.

French ... I've had lessons in French for two semesters (I forgot all about it though)

Italian ... well, have you watched Eat, Pray, Love? Plus Lyn gave me a copy of the audio tutorial. We were saying "scusi, scusi" a lot while having coffee. So much fun!

I asked my friends in Facebook which one is better. So far, I got 2 votes Spanish, 4 votes French, 1 vote Italian. What do you think?


I got the best tip ever!

Put the word “Breathe” as a screensaver or desktop pic, or put it up as a note on your wall or fridge or on your desk. Then do it every time you see the word.
More about Breathe here. - Zen Habits.

First "Official" Weigh In

Let's welcome 2011 with my first "official" weigh in. I meant to do this  yesterday being 1-1-11, but ... yeah I forgot. [embarrassed laughter here]. I got too excited with our "New Year's Day Breakfast", I just went at it like no other.

I say "official" because I've had weigh ins before but this will be the first time that I'm actually going to post what the scale says. And It's fitting too, because I will need all the support and motivation now that I have to deal with the holiday weight.

Here goes:

Excuse the glare/flash ... and the grey polka dotted Hello Kitty socks. =p
So what's the damage? I gained about 4 lbs, more or less. I had it coming though. Holiday feast, nasty leg pain and pms cravings [sorry for the TMI bit], they don't go together, really!

There you have it! Now help me get rid of this fast...I need to hit my mini goal by May. (170 lbs, is that possible or even healthy?)


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