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Happy New Year!!

Dear 2010,

I must admit, you were so much better than 2009. There were no MAJOR financial screw ups, there were no deaths in my family ...

You were nice but really sneaky. I had so much hope for you, that things will be good finally. And then you gave me bad news. You broke my heart because you messed with somebody close to me. Somebody whom I love so much. After sometime, things were good. We were good.

But just as we were feeling better, you messed with my heart again. You just had to give me one more bad news before you leave. You just played with my emotions over and over again.

I can't say I hate you, no I can't do that. But I'm just relieved that you are leaving. That we can all still start over. Thank you, 2010 for making me stronger.

Welcome 2011. We're going to have a blast!


  1. Well said, hers to another new start to another new year.

  2. @BloggingJedi, thanks!!

    @tetet, cheers!


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