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List Recap

Central Perk (Dubai)

  • How many items on the list were attempted? 10 items.
  • What did I do? 
    • Cross out # 22 : Lord of the Rings Marathon - I planned to watch it one after the other but it was just soooo long, I had to take a break. 
    • Cross out # 29 : Earn Extra - (earn extra from blogging, to be exact). I did not earn millions for a gig but I did earn something so I crossed it out. Maybe I'll discuss tips on how to earn from blogging next time. And this also helps with my # 10.
    • For #'s 8 & 9, I'm trying to get fit and ready for a marathon. I decided that I'll start with a 5K and work my way up. Unfortunately, I've been having lower leg pain for two weeks now. I've been getting different advises too. Don't run. Rest. Go run, it will go away... :p
    • For # 14, I've been checking music stores for cheap beginners guitars. Asked friends to tutor me. I'm planning to go full throttle on this after 3 or 4 months. (So if you're planning to give me something for Christmas or my birthday... this is it. *hint hint* - Samsung Galaxy Tab won't be a bad idea too.)
    • For #'s 26, 27 & 30, I'm happy to report that I'm almost half way done. Yey!!!
    • For # 32, I have started checking out gardening tools and stuff. I'll probably do this after we've decided if we are going to move to another apartment or not. 
I still have two slots on my list. I have so many things that I want to do that I still have not decided which one will be included in this little project. In fact, I might have to change some of these items.  I might have been too excited with my list that I didn't consider the time (and money) constraints. I might not have time to make all of these trips. Priorities, priorities...

I know I sound like a loser but it'll be more pathetic if I stick to this list and ending not doing them at all. For the sake of total disclosure and honesty, there will be changes in this list.  Sorry. =(

[edit: By the way, if you're also doing your list...please leave your link here or go to List-o-logy tab at the top of the page...please please please! Let's link up!!]

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